Hello Again


I’m the Director of Research and Development for Fitabase. We’re the leading data management platform for researchers and clinicians who want to use wearables in their research project and health care innovation projects.

Prior to Fitabase, I was the Program Director for Quantified Self Labs, a California based LLC that supports the worldwide Quantified Self community.


I completed my Ph.D. in Public Health Joint Doctoral Program at San Diego State University and the University of California, San Diego. I was advised by Kevin Patrick, Matt Bietz, Elva Arredondo, Scott Klemmer, Sheri Hartman, and Jeanne Nichols. My research was focused on understanding how individuals use physical activity tracking devices and how their use of different techniques impacted their behavior. You can read the full dissertation here: Discretionary self-monitoring of physical activity: A mixed-methods study of behavior change technique use and historical physical activity.

You can view my current CV here.


I live in Los Angeles with my wife, Laura. When we’re not working you can find us exercising, spending time with our friends, and trying to find the best breakfast burritos in LA. Current Fav: Rooster Truck

I’m an avid runner and ex-avid cyclist. If running is your thing you can follow along on Gyroscope or Strava.

On most Mondays (when I’m in town) you’ll find me running around the city with the amazing BlacklistLA group.