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Hi, I’m Ernesto Ramirez.

I’m a Senior Data Scientist at Evidation, where work hands-on with projects that are exploring digital biomarker development and the unique health-related signals present within large-scale longitudinal patient-generated data, primarily for clients in the biopharma space. I’m a public health researcher by training, but have a keen interest in understanding how personal data can be used for public good. Here, you’ll find some thoughs, tools, and tips on data, research, and whatever else I’m currently working on.

What am I up to right now?

Since late 2015 I’ve been fiddling around with R. By no means am I an expert, but I like exploring it’s depth and learning how to apply new methods to data I work with and/or find interesting. Check out my R miscellenea by exploring /categories/R.

You can view the most recent posts below, including brief notes. If you’d like to see all notes, please visit /note/.