Current / Work

We just wrapped up our Spring/Summer conference season, and I’m glad to be home where I can focus on core features, developing new relationships, and growing business.

One of my most exciting side projects is developing an example code library for analyzing Fitabase data with R. Should be online before the end of July (if I get over my nervousness about making it public).

Current / Life

Life is moving along nicely. We’re currently in the market for a new car, as my 2003 Hyundai is about to die. Seriously. We asked a dealership to give us a quote on it as a trade-in and within 5 minutes they said, “Just donate it.”

Starting to get antsy for our upcoming family vacation to Kauai. October can’t come fast enough.

Exercise / Health

I just wrapped up my “biggest” week running since 2015, with a total of 40mi ran. I’m trying to be more consistent and stick to a polarized training schedule (80% easy / 20% hard), but mostly I’m just winging it.

Next Race: Hood to Coast (Oregon)

Current Weight: 166
Goal Weight: 155

I am trying to find the time, energy, and mostly, the motivation to start adding more strength-building exercises into my daily schedule. The gym isn’t doing it for me.


Bablyon’s Ashes (Book 6 of the Expanse Series)

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